Quest: Life -Changing Coaching

Quest – A custom made program of support, insight and guidance on your path. 

Gain confidence in your decision making. Increase your skills to navigate tricky territory on your way to what you choose. 

You don’t have to go it alone. 

Three months together for coaching, navigation and support. 

  1. Where are you planning to go? Together we get crystal clear about what you are creating and how you will know when you achieve it.
  2. Big thinking. Clarify the vision. Identify the significant mileposts (defuse potential pitfalls along the way)
  3. Mindset. We identify supportive ways of thinking to change limiting beliefs and self talk.
  4. The Blueprint. Step by step planning of the road ahead, moving forward step by step.
  5. Slay the inner critic- Transform that nag-bag into a useful ally- who is working FOR you.
  6. Allies and archetypes – What kind of support exists- both inner and outer? What are my strengths and gifts?
  7. Troubleshooting- When real life hits the fan-  perspectives and strategies for success. 
  8. Alignment. Is my path in alignment not only with what I want but who I am?
  9. Gain confidence, clarity and direction- as you unveil a new YOU in this chapter of your life.

How: Available via virtual Video Zoom and /or telephone from the convenience of your location.  

  • Convenient- meet virtually from the convenience of your location.
  • One on one support -tailormade for YOU.
  • Preferred scheduling. – you have your own special appointment time reserved for you over three months together. 
  • Access to Bev, Your empathic, intuitive, skilled supporter. Feedback, a second opinion, extra special encouragement when you need it or a ‘let’s bounce ideas’ session? You have got it.

Fee $2,500 Three months of coaching, mentoring and support with Bev.

Can I pay in installments, ie by month? You may!

I work closely together with a limited number of Questers each quarter . IE  Space is limited.  

Please fill out the Quest Coaching Application which is designed as  place to start. Questions?  Call: 503 640-0753 or email here