Light Dialogue – Soul Conversations

Enjoy an uncommon conversation, a spirited intuitive dialogue to listen in for insight and helpful perspectives. 

It may be time to ask important questions like “Am I on the right path?”  “What is mine to do?”  “What if I DO follow my heart?”

“What could be the wisest, kindest, no regrets choice to make?”

How to prepare. Bring questions to focus our work on the most relevant and helpful parts for you.

The session is digitally recorded if you choose and arrives in your email inbox within 24 hours. 

We meet:

  •  Via Zoom  (A simple link, your computer with camera and speakers “Zooms” us to our virtual meeting room where we can enjoy seeing each other, face to face.
  • By Telephone on my dedicated conference line.  International callers- the cost of the call is no more than a local one in your own home country. Ask Bev for the details.

Choose a One hour (60 minutes) or a Deeper Dive (90 minutes) 

  •  One hour $170.
  • Deeper Dive 90 minute session $225



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