The Health Explorer Sessions

Whatever the chronic condition you have been dealing with, I bet those darn symptoms have been getting ALL the attention. Now it’s your turn to reconnect with yourself, your joy your life.

The Health Explorer Sessions are focused on your relationship with your health. You and your naturopath or healing professional are taking good care of your physical healing, and you are actively engaged in recovering your wellness.

The Health Explorer Sessions are in conjunction with your healing work.

We intend to sniff out any beliefs which may be limiting and harness the power of the Mind Body Spirit connection.

You have heard people tell through the process of healing how they may have gained from their unique experience. Our commitment is to find those treasures SOONER rather than later. We find clarity about your wellness so that you are no longer using your energy just to move away from symptoms but have a new clear direction to getting more of what you want.

I believe: Chronic illness can carry wisdom that we have access to when we listen skillfully.

Where: The Explorer Sessions take place on Zoom from the comfort of where you are. Contact  [email protected]