About Bev


I am a natural and trained intuitive, a certified Professional Coach (PCC) Member of ICF international Coaches, Master Practitioner of NLP, (MNLP) and NLP and Health (HNLP) Certified Facilitator of Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling, Certified Hypnotherapist.

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I love people, especially the ones who are naturally kind.

I love to laugh. My secret wish is to be a sketch actor on Saturday Night Live. I’m waiting for them to call.

Despite the photo, I don’t usually talk to trees. I prefer to listen.

I am a word nerd.

(True confessions- 1) I am terrible at- math. No really. Really terrible.

I LOVE intuition and light bulb moments, mind maps, and grand plans. Charades and car karaoke. Most kinds of live theater and improv (however, if you have tickets to the opera, I believe I may be busy that night.)

I love my South African Homeland and every little thing about my Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific NW.

My pleasure is to help you access the insight within yourself – and the joy that comes from connecting with your thoughts, wisdom, and ideas.