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Vision into Action Coaching

“Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

Vision into Action. Blueprints for Dreamers.  Mentoring Program

Perhaps you want to start a business, make some art, write your book,  go pro, do the ‘thing’ you have always dreamed of…and now is the time.

With clear-eyed feedback, high-level coaching, and friendly encouragement, you are supported along the way.

The Vision into Action Mentoring Program is for the dreamer who is ready to make it happen.

        What would you like to have happen?

Vision Into Action Mentoring Program with Bev provides highly skilled coaching, supportive guidance, cheerleading, tips, help, feedback, resources as you reach your goals. The self-knowledge and strategies you gain in the program can be used over and over  in other contexts.

 Vision into Action Program helps you to:

  • Get clear
  • Dream BIG- a soul satisfying outcome that has meaning and purpose
  • Make realistic and practical plans to make it happen
  • Manage your inner critic and the fears that naturally arise when we begin to take steps toward a cherished ideal.

Here’s how it works. We meet regularly via video conference and email in between as you keep bringing your vision into action. You’re not looking for a task master to make you do your homework, rather you want to hear yourself think and respect what you feel. You are willing to be stretched in a loving and a supportive way.

You have access to coaching with me and relevant resources and referrals that I can provide. Books, people, fellow professionals, the friend’s network. You have a thinking partner, intuitive coach and fellow visioneer to bring out your brilliance and achieve your outcome.

Questions about the program?

Because I work closely with each person in this program, space is limited. Email me here, let’s  arrange a conversation if you are considering personal coaching. I am happy to help you decide how Vision Into Action can support your outcomes at this time.




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