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Light Dialogue Intuitive Consult

When life is busy and demanding, we may forget that beyond the mundane we are spiritual beings doing our best to learn and grow.

The intention in the reading is to connect to the wisdom of Spirit to inspire and inform and help us to remember what matters most.

I believe that:
Wisdom and knowledge are already yours, and through this process, you know what you know.
The insight you gain from the session helps you to choose your best solutions.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

While we CAN often see the outcome of things that you are putting into motion, the reading is not fortune telling. We can see if the approach, energy, mindset that you are bringing to a situation will yield the results you seek. Together we look ‘in here’ (points to heart) rather than trying to find the future ‘out there.’

This provides an opportunity to listen to your heart, trust your gut and know what you know about what is happening in your life.

Clarity and direction. Inner peace. Your choices are well informed when you have listened in with not only your logic but also from your higher self.

How to prepare.
Bring questions specific to what you are interested in. Your questions help to focus our work on the most relevant and helpful parts for you.

Where: Virtually- by telephone or video conference or in person in my Hillsboro office.
The session is recorded for your convenience. You get the audio via email on the same day.

Light Dialogues Consult One hour. $170.

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