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Light Dialogue – Soul Conversations

Clarity and direction. Inner peace.

Soul conversations are spirited intuitive dialogues in which we are listening in to what is on your mind and heart.

You may have been feeling stuck, at a crossroads or doubting your next steps. You may have a dream calling for you to think in new ways. Together we listen for the wisdom and encouragement of the highest inspiration and illumination we can reach, to ask ourselves the important questions like “Am I on the right path?”  “What is mine to do?”  “What if I DO follow my heart?”

“What could be the wisest, kindest, no regrets choice to make?”  “How can I be sure to live well- this wild and precious life?”

Even though the soul conversation can be moving and profound, the experience is not serious or stuffy.
We engage in a way that brings us lightness and upliftment.

Each conversation is unique to you and what you need to find clarity and direction.

“It’s like speaking with the deepest corners of my heart.”

We use metaphor, story, humor, and love to tell the story of you, which you know deeply, and yet it is a comfort and joy to be reminded and reassured.

How to prepare.
Bring questions specific to what you are interested in. Your questions help to focus our work on the most relevant and helpful parts for you.

Where: Virtuallyby telephone or video conference, or in person in my Hillsboro office.
The session is recorded for your convenience. You get the audio via email on the same day.

Light Dialogues Consult One hour. $170.

What clients say about working with Bev.

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