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What is the Light Dialogue Soul Conversation?  An opportunity to listen to your deep, all-knowing, unconditionally loving wisdom in a clear and uplifting way.

Are there any sessions longer than just one hour?  Yes, There are several longer sessions, and also a three-month (90 days) regular session program for ongoing support and resources.

  • Explorer Intensive deep dive 90 minute Session ($250) Available in person or in my video meeting room.

  • VIP Day Five hours, a full day of focus on your outcome- a good start or even a complete finish to an important project($825)

  • The Navigator Program meet in my video meeting room each week over three months for support, skilled encouragement

    and resources to succeed in achieving your outcome. ($1997)

How do I apply for The Navigator Program?  Fill out this brief form to let me know any background you would like to share. I will call you for a chat to answer any questions you may have and to learn more about the solution or outcome you would like to partner on together.

How do we meet by video chat? With the camera and speakers on your computer – Voila-  You will see me in my home office, most likely with tea mug in hand as we talk. Our conversation is audio recorded for you if you choose, and emailed to you on the same day.

May I bring my own audio recorder? Yes, you are welcome to record on your device.

Are Light Dialogue Soul Conversations available to purchase for others as a gift?  Yes, Certainly. Purchase Gift Certificates here, and the person receiving this gift may call or schedule at their own convenience on the online scheduler.

What are your certifications? You can find those here. (See Bev’s certifications here)

Hey Bev, if you are so intuitive, how come you didn’t know ALL of my questions? I had a feeling you might ask that, 🙂 email here. I am glad to help!




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