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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I choose the right session?

  • Light Dialogue Intuitive consult is for spiritual consultation- the most ‘WOO’ of my services. Providing insight and uplift from a spiritual perspective. In office, by phone and by video. A light dialogue intuitive consult is $170, one hour, audio recorded for you.
  • The Explorer Series are three 90 minute sessions in person in the Hillsboro office for what you want to focus upon. More here about Explorer and Health Explorer. The Explorer Series is $479 in person in Hillsboro.
  • Vision into Action is a coaching and mentoring program providing clarity, insight and support as you create what you want to have happen with a skilled and supportive visioneer alongside you.

As long as you have the length of time, and the location you prefer, each session is yours and unique to what you would like to have happen.

What if I want a full day to ‘deep dive’ instead of a series? 

We can do this. Email me here and let me know what you would like.

How do we meet by phone?

On the scheduler choose ‘from your location’ which will give you a telephone or video option. Choose telephone. Conveniently, you will see openings in YOUR time zone. Schedule and purchase the session all in one place. Your confirmation email provides the number to call at appointment time. Our conversation is audio recorded for you and emailed to you on the same day.

How do we meet by video chat?

With the camera and speakers on your computer it is as if we are meeting in the same room. Your confirmation email provides a link to simply click on at  appointment time. Voila! You will see me in my home office, most likely with teacup in hand as we talk. Our conversation is audio recorded for you and emailed to you on the same day.

May I bring my own audio recorder to a session?

Yes, you are welcome to record on your device.

Can I purchase a Light Dialogue Intuitive Consult as a gift?

Certainly. The receiver of your gift may schedule at their convenience.

What are your certifications?

You can find those here. (See Bev’s certifications here)

Bev, I understand that YOU are writing a book about intuition, when will that be finished?

Um, err. Next question? 🙂 I am working on it slowly and hope to have it for you in 2017.

Hey Bev, if you are so intuitive, how come you didn’t know ALL of my questions?

I had a feeling you might ask that, email here. I am glad to help.


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