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Work with Me

Light Dialogue Intuitive Consult

In a busy and demanding world, it might be easy to forget that we are spiritual beings having experiences that help us to grow and shine. When the insight to life’s complex questions can not be found “out there’ we listen ‘in here’, to your heart, to the guidance of your spiritual self.  What’s a Light Dialogue Session like?  Read More>>


Coaching with Bev

When last did you give yourself time to think in a supportive environment with a skilled coach (who also happens to be a professional intuitive?)

The Explorer sessions provide a rich environment to enhance your insight, creativity and solution finding. Your exploring may include gaining a new skill, adopting a new way of thinking- and changing your results in important areas of your life.

To begin, fill in the application for coaching here, then we get together to choose what will work really well for you to be supported on your journey.

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