Coach with Bev

Personal Journey- Quest

Perhaps you had an eye-opening spiritual reading with Bev-

Would you like support to implement the wisdom practically?


What will YOU change to live a life you love?

The Personal Journey Quest is available as a) a deep dive intensive or b) a series over a few weeks, and includes:

1) Clarifying your destination- What would you like to change? What will the results be? What ELSE might improve when you have this? Gain the support of a highly skilled facilitator, thinking partner and intuitive guide to support and accompany you on your quest.

2) Obstacles: What could get in your way? A lack of information, limiting beliefs, fear? Is there something unseen that has tripped you up before?

3) Resources: (In addition to Bev) Who are your allies and supporters? What personal attributes are part of your success? What are your gifts, your genius?

Personal Journey- Quest with Bev is:

Customized- unique to you to get the results you seek.

InnerActive- A psychoactive and engaging experience

Practical – Creating measurable real world (whip out the calendar and calculator if necessary) results.

Intuitive- Bev is committed to supporting you to make changes in ALIGNMENT with your highest self.

Deep- Aha moments happen here. Cleansing tears may arise and are welcome.

Enjoyable– A naturally occurring side effect of life-changing transformation- ease and humor.


We work via Zoom video chat from the comfort of your location or in person in Hillsboro Oregon. Key parts of your journey can be recorded for future reference if you choose.

A full VIP deep dive day or 6 weeks of custom journey work together. $997. 00

As well as the results you attain, the self-knowledge, skill, perspectives you gain can be applied in other contexts to future changes in your life.


Then what happens? New experiences, desired results. Live the life you love!

(Everyone wins)