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About Bev


I grew up in the Republic of South Africa. I had a LOT of questions.

Like, Where are the instructions for a joyful, purposeful, meaningful LIFE?

The questions took me on a multiple quests- leading me to study with wise elders and dedicated healers. I delved deeply into the language of the soul and the power of how we think.

My deepest joy is to give people who are hungry for meaning and soulful solutions, access to the answers within themselves – and the feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from connecting with their thoughts, wisdom, and true ideas.


  • The power of a well considered question (for the heart- not just the head) to open new insights and new possibilities
  • Opportunists who leap at every chance to be kind
  • People who LAUGH out loud, make eye contact, enjoy deep conversation, and use good manners
  • Cooking and the ways in which good food gathers people around the table
  • The National Spelling Bee is as exciting to me as the Superbowl
  • Baby feet
  • Books – Non-fiction, entrepreneurial, creativity, creative business
  • I listen to a range of fascinating podcasts on my stretchy jogging headphones while absolutely NOT jogging
  • English tea – several cups a day

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