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About Bev



You know you best. You know what really matters and what you would really like to create or change or bring about.  You know what your highest hopes are, and yes, those pesky doubts, too. I have them too, of course, however I have found ways to help myself and you more often to move the fear and find the treasure.

I love to shine my special flashlight for your insight to be revealed to you in moments of “aha!” unique to you. We listen carefully to find clarity and determine the next steps to your best life in your relationships and in your work or business.

My deepest joy is to give people access to the answers within themselves – and the feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from connecting with their thoughts, wisdom, and true ideas.

     I LOVE…

  • Great questions and powerful inquiry to show us what we need right now
  • Business owners and professionals who bring the whole gift of themselves to their clients and their work in the world
  • People who live out loud, make eye contact, enjoy deep conversation, and are considerate and kind
  • Great food from all around the world-
  • The National Spelling Bee is as thrilling to me as the Superbowl is to sports fans
  • The teeny tiny feet of babies, (Watch out I’m going to kiss your babies toes)
  • Several cups of English tea each day (with milk, the proper way) 🙂 and a foamy cup of coffee with my beloved as our sacred ritual
  • To laugh- (my secret wish is to be a sketch actor on Saturday Night Live. I’m waiting for them to call)

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